"We Look Festive" Lewiston Showcase - Decoration Listing

holiday lights outside

    2020 Residences and Businesses "Lookin' Festive" in Lewiston!
Adding Holiday Cheer Amidst a Challenging Year!

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Residence: "Winter Wonderland," 245 Pond Road, Lewiston (posted 11/23/20)

Residence:  "Inflatables & Lights Galore," 130 No Name Pond (posted 11/24/20)

Business:  "Silver Sparkle," 415 Lisbon Street, Suite 100 (posted 11/24/20)

Business:  "Peace, Love, & Light," 351 Lisbon Street (posted 11/24/20)

Residence:  "North Pole Meets a Christmas Story," 362 East Avenue (posted 11/30/20)

Residence:  "Musical Synchronized Christmas Light Show," 17 Theresa (posted 11/30/20)

Residence:  "A Little Bit of Color," 171 Pettingill Street (posted 12/7/20)

Residence:  "Labor of Love," 12 Little Street (posted 12/7/20)

Business: "Fairy Lights on Winter Nights, 291 Lisbon Street (posted 12/8/20)

Residence:  No Particular Theme, 56 Robinson Gardens (posted 12/9/20)

Residence:  "Christmas Cheer," 45 Gina Street (posted 12/9/20)

Residence:  "Merry Mitchell," 28 Mitchell Street (posted 12/11/20)

Business:  "Holiday Festive Lights," 144 Pine Street (posted 12/14/20)