PHOTOVOICE DAY 7 - Anonymous Member

PHOTOVOICE - Cluttered Room

Today's feature is by a Lewiston Youth Advisory Council (LYAC) member who prefers to remain anonymous; it's a very intense look at mental health and how folks may be feeling, like this youth, during the COVID19 pandemic and in times of stress.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  

“In regards to my personal mental health, this photo, to me, represents my struggles with anxiety and having a “messy” head. Constantly, my thoughts are awry; my mind can never stay focused on one particular thing at a time, and all of my fears and worries tend to pile up on top of my vast collection of responsibilities.  Often, my train of thought seems completely cluttered.  Even when I try to relax, I can’t help but feel overwhelmed.  Here, you see a heap of trash all stuck in one place.  There’s symbols of my concern with vanity and my image, such as shoes and a dirtied beauty blender.  There’s a dead battery in one spot, which is indicative of my energy being drained due to the whirlwind occurring within my brain.  My rescue dog, Sky, who I frequently worry about being taken care of, is also resting in the background; this is reminiscent of all of my relationships and their circumstances having a persistent presence in the back of my mind.  You may also notice that there is a bottle of cleaning spray off to the right side of the picture.  However, its nozzle is being blocked by a sock; this is a depiction of something always getting in the way of me clearing my mind. Mental health, for me, is not simple.  Unfortunately, the reality of it is that it is not something that I can easily remedy with an evening of relaxation or a trip to the ocean.  As much as I would find that to be more preferable than my current situation, I do believe that sometimes, time is the ultimate healer.  Cleansing the mind is not easy, and I have to experience the implications of such sentiment every day.”