PHOTOVOICE DAY 9 - O. Deschenes

PHOTOVOICE - Cardinal in Tree

Today's mental health awareness post is from Lewiston Youth Advisory Council member Olivia Deschenes.  She shares a reflection that gives her comfort during the COVID19 pandemic and other stressful times. This Photovoice project is a partnership between LYAC and Healthy Androscoggin.

"The cardinal is known as a spiritual message and a good omen. It is a bird that is close to my heart as it was my Grandmother's favorite bird and is my Mother’s too. For the past six years, a red cardinal we have dubbed 'Mr. Cardinal' has visited our house, perched upon the cherry tree outside our kitchen window. We believe he could be a sign from my Grandmother; a past life reincarnated. She will always remain in our memories from the art she painted to the bird she loved. When I see “Mr. Cardinal” soaring across the sky, I think of her and feel a sense of warmth and love."