City Clerk

Responsibilities and Services

The City Clerk's Department is a public service office that performs a wide variety of department functions and citizen services. The department, under Maine state statute requirements:

  • Coordinates the administration of all elections for the city
  • Issues hunting, fishing and dog licenses
  • Records and maintains all vital statistics records (birth, death, and marriage certificates) for the city
  • Serves as custodian of all official city records

In addition, per City Charter requirements, the City Clerk’s Department:

  • Maintains a complete and accurate record of City Council proceedings
  • Preserves official city records
  • Provides administrative support to the City Council
  • Prepares the city's Code of Ordinances for codification
  • Coordinates the Records Center for the recording of all legal documents
  • Administers the city’s business licensing program, which licenses over 65 different types of businesses

The City Clerk's Office also provides notary public services for Lewiston residents who have proper identification in the form of a valid government issued photo ID and dedimus justice services.

The mission of the City Clerk's Office is to accurately maintain all city records including vital records, council records, and licenses, to conduct elections and voter registration processes with professionalism in accordance with Maine Law, to provide for the safety of the general public through animal control regulations and licensing, and to provide information to both City officials and the general public in a friendly and competent manner.