City Housing Programs

NOTICE: The Lewiston Housing Rehab Program has reached our capacity for this year's budget. Currently, the Program will only be open to applications for emergency rehab projects at owner-occupied homes in consultation with Lewiston Code Enforcement. The immediate risk to health, life, and safety and the limited cost of the hazard control intervention will inform the priority for program funding.

The City will reopen for new applications after July 1, 2024. That process will require updated application packets and screening against the new HUD income guidelines.

Providing Assistance to Single and Multi-family Property Owners

All programs and services funded through the Economic and Community Development Department benefit households that are at or below 80% of Median Family Income (MFI) on some level. Often households directly benefit through rehabilitation of housing or social services; however, the whole community benefits by receiving funding that is not otherwise available.

For information on programs and requirements, click to read the Housing Rehabilitation Guidelines or contact

Pre-Application for Housing Rehabilitation Programs and Lead Grant (Online Form)