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Greetings: My goal and that of our Management Team is to work with our elected officials to ensure that the City of Lewiston and its residents and businesses grow and prosper in a community with an enviable quality of life. 

All of us are committed to serving you in a responsive, professional, and effective manner. If you have suggestions or concerns, please let us know by emailing me or by using the "Report a Concern" button on our homepage. It is my honor to work with you and our elected officials towards an even better Lewiston in which to live, work, recreate, and raise a family.


Ed Barrett, City Administrator

(207) 513-3000, X3200

About the City Administrator

Ed Barrett was appointed as City Administrator in January 2010 and serves at the pleasure of the City Council. He began his municipal career as a Research Analyst in the Budget Office of the City of Tucson, Arizona. He has also served as Assistant City Manager in Wichita Falls, Texas, and came to Lewiston after serving as City Manager of Bangor for twenty-one years.

The duties of the City Administrator include:

  • Implementing and executing all policies established by the City Council.
  • Keeping the Council advised on the general operations of the City.
  • Appointing and supervising department heads.
  • Preparing & submitting the annual budget, the annual capital program, and annual financial and administrative reports to the Council.
  • Assisting the Council in establishing City policies and programs by providing information, analyses, options, and recommendations.
  • Advising the Council fully on the business, finances, and future needs of the City.
  • Seeing that all laws, provisions of the City Charter, and acts of the Council are faithfully executed.

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