Fire Prevention

The Fire Prevention Bureau, which has one inspector/certified investigator and a part-time secretary comes under the direction of the Assistant Chief, is responsible for many different functions within the Fire Department structure. Responsibilities include, public safety education, enforcement of all fire department related codes and ordinances, the review of all new construction or existing building modifications, city licenses inspections for a variety of occupancies, and administration of the Juvenile Fire Setter Program.

The Fire Prevention Bureau is also responsible for following up on complaints of hazardous conditions within various buildings, both civilian and inspection driven. This process sometimes involves extensive work within the legal system to assure compliance with all applicable codes and ordinances.

Another important function the Fire Prevention Bureau performs is the origin and cause investigations for numerous fires throughout each year. Conducting origin and cause investigations involves hours of sifting through fire debris, scene documentation, evidence collection, witness interviews, follow-up investigation, background searches, and report writing. Extensive knowledge and involvement in the legal system is necessary in preparing cases for prosecution.

Ryan Coleman, Inspector
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Phone: 207-513-3002, ext. 3603

Joseph Turmel, Inspector
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Phone: 207-513-3002, ext. 3621

Amanda Grenier, Fire Prevention Clerk
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Phone: 207-513-3002, ext. 3607

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