Downtown Neighborhood Action Committee

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The Downtown Neighborhood Action Committee (DNAC) is no longer active as of July 1, 2015.

However, during its life span, its purpose was to promote and foster improvement in the Lewiston's downtown residential neighborhood through: (1) support of the Downtown Neighborhood Action Plan; (2) overall residential development and neighborhood-appropriate economic development in the downtown residential neighborhood; (3) improved relationships between the City of Lewiston and downtown residents, property owners, and stakeholders; and (4) public policy leadership in support of a vital downtown neighborhood.

Downtown Neighborhood Action Plan: Intended to facilitate and foster broader, more creative interaction and discussion surrounding Lewiston's downtown neighborhood. The plan was a foundation for ongoing dialogue, efforts, and commitment for the betterment of the community.

During plan creation, residents were engaged in the process of community and economic development as it looked at the needs, desires, and challenges for Lewiston's downtown residential community. The plan is designed to address overall residential quality of life in downtown Lewiston, including both the physical issues (housing, streets, parks, transportation, etc.) and the underlying socio-economic issues that are integral to the experience of downtown living. While soliciting input from key stakeholder groups, the Downtown Neighborhood Task Force simultaneously surveyed the physical landscape of the downtown residential neighborhood and inventoried what actually exists within its boundaries. Both the interactive and survey facets of this work were essential in order to better understand where Lewiston's downtown neighborhood stands today and where it might go from here.