Pierce Street Park Revitalization

As one of LYAC's goals for their 2011-12 year, they want to be part of the Downtown Neighborhood Action Committee's (DNAC) efforts to revitalize Pierce Street Park. Marissa Zanoni (project leader) and Kenzi Masselli attended a DNAC meeting to learn more, and then on October 15, 2011, four LYAC members visited the park to get a first-hand feel of what could possibly be accomplished there: Marissa Zanoni, Marcus Talarico, Nadifa Mohamed, and Nairus Abdullahi. Others at the site visit were: Co-Advisor Director of Recreation Maggie Chisholm; Co-Advisor Community Relations Coordinator Dottie Perham-Whittier; LYAC Liaison Councilor John Butler; and Downtown Neighborhood Action Committee member Denis Theriault. They visited with some of the children and made a list of ideas that they'll be sharing with their fellow LYAC members and the Downtown Neighborhood Action Committee.

Group Pic
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