Treebate Program

What Is Treebate?

Lewiston's Treebate Program provides a rebate for a portion of the cost incurred by residents for purchasing and planting trees on single-family and duplex properties.

What is the Purpose of the Program?

Trees can enhance the urban environment by reducing storm water runoff and absorbing rainfall, reducing soil erosion, absorbing odors and polluting gases, conserving energy when strategically placed around buildings, improving the community's overall aesthetics, and in the case of edible fruit trees, increasing local food security and improving public health.

The City of Lewiston will credit the property owner's storm water fee for 50% of the cost of a qualifying tree up to a maximum of $100. Applicants are eligible for no more than one (1) tree per year.

How Do You Qualify for a Rebate?

To qualify for a rebate, residents should complete and submit a TREEBATE Application Form AND be approved BEFORE planting.

Trees must be deciduous, non-invasive, and at least 1.5 inches in caliper measurement. Caliper is a measurement of the diameter of the trunk 6 inches above the soil surface.

Residents will be notified once their application has been reviewed and deemed eligible for storm water utility credits on the basis of fund availability.

To claim the rebate after planting, proof of payment specifying tree species, trunk caliper, and a picture of the planted tree must be provided to Lewiston's Arborist.

Planting and Care Guide 

Along with selecting the correct species of tree for a given application, how a tree is planted and cared for has a direct impact on its survival. The Tree Owner’s Manual from the U.S Forest Service is an excellent guide to a wide number of tree related topics. It includes excellent information on tree selection, planting methods, maintenance, and care. View a copy of this manual.