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Lewiston Area Public Health Committee (LAHPC)

5/14/21 - Governor Janet Mills Updates COVID19 Protocols

The Lewiston Area Public Health Committee (LAPHC) was formed on June 7, 2016, by the Lewiston City Council. The LAPHC is a public health advisory board to the municipal elected officials on policy issues and works collaboratively with other municipal committees and community partners on issues related to public health.

NEXT MEETING:  June 10, 2021

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Maine CDC Public Health Alerts

Maine Lead Grant Program:  Making Single-Family Homes & Multi-Rental Properties Lead Safe

Sharps Disposal Lewiston Locations - Map

Agendas, Minutes, Documents

Public Health Committee Membership

CHAIR - Vicky Wiegman - Lewiston Public Schools

VICE CHAIR - William Wallace - Bates College

Stephanie Gelinas - Lewiston City Councilor

Elizabeth Keene, St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center

Lynsay Henry, Androscoggin Home Health

 Corrie Brown, Healthy Androscoggin

John Alexander, MD, Central Maine Healthcare

Shanna Breton, Poise Yoga & Food Sanctuary

Vacant School Committee Slot

Staff Support
Dale Doughty
Deputy City Administrator

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Dottie Perham-Whittier
Community Relations Coordinator

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"In Times of Need" Helpful Links

Always Call 9-1-1 In Times of Emergency

Various Hotlines

Suicide Prevention Hotlines and Crisis

Domestic Violence - Safe Voices

Child Abuse Reporting

Adult Protective Services

Tri-County Mental Health

Healthy Androscoggin

Fuel Assistance & Other Family Services

Lead Poisoning Prevention


St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center

Central Maine Medical Center