Rental Registration Program

Following the recommendations of an Ad-hoc Committee composed of landlords, city staff, and other stakeholders, the City Council has enacted a no-cost rental registration program that requires the owners of all multi-family buildings with three or more residences to register such buildings. This registration requirement applies to all three-unit and larger buildings, even if the owner resides in one of the units.  It does not apply to two-unit (duplex) buildings or to single-family residences that are rented.

The purposes of this program include ensuring the City:

  • Has accurate, up-to-date, and complete ownership, management, and contact information for every multi-family building;
  • An accurate inventory of dwelling unit quantity and configuration; and
  • An accurate assessment of certain items that impact the health and safety of dwelling units.

Owners are required to register their buildings annually prior to March 1st.  An application (and disclosure if needed) can be submitted in one of three ways listed below.  The necessary forms and instructions are available at the below links.

  1. By electronically completing/submitting online
  2. By completing online auto-fillable form, printing, and either mailing or drop-off
  3. By printing hard copy, filling in form, and either mailing or drop-off



        (NOTE:  Auto-Fillable Forms May Not be Compatible With All Browsers)


 As noted, there is no fee associated with the registration process.  However, failure to register on a timely basis will result in a fine in accordance with the following:


  • First month or portions thereof - $50
  • Second through sixth month - $100 per month or portion thereof
  • Seven through twelve months - $200 per month or portion thereof

There are other fines associated with ordinance violations such as failure to provide timely updates to information on the property owner, business operator, property manager, and emergency contact.

As a part of this effort, the City intends to expand its outreach and informational efforts to owners of multi-family properties in Lewiston. Toward this end, we urge you to consider signing up for News and Information about City of Lewiston issues/actions that may affect multi-unit property owners and managers.  You can sign up to receive this information via email, text, or both through the Notify Me function on the front page of the City’s web site at

The rental registration process is handled by the City Clerk’s office.  Should you have questions or need additional information, please contact: 


Attention:  Allison Pease, City of Lewiston, 27 Pine Street, Lewiston, ME  04240

(207) 513-3000, X3219   Contact Here                                                                                                                                


Rental Registration Ordinance

Report of the Ad-hoc Rental Registration Committee

Rental Registration FAQ (Coming Soon)            

Questions About Lead Paint - When becoming familiar with the Rental Registration Program, questions about lead paint and how it is addressed sometimes arise. To assist in that regard, LA Lead Program Manager Travis Mills developed this two-page informational.     

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